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May 18, 2022 View:

The use of sludge lobe pump can effectively solve the problem of pump clogging

When choosing a sludge pump for a sewage treatment plant, if you encounter sludge coming from the municipal network, you should choose a non-clogging pump because there are many impurities and fibers in it. Non-clogging can be a feature of a pump type, and good pass-through can improve efficiency and reduce after-sales maintenance costs.
Cloth, branches, toilet paper, plastic bags and other fibrous materials that clog easily will affect the entire production station once they clog the pump outlet and will be replaced with a new pump in severe cases.
The sludge lobe pump can pass the fibrous material
Nowadays, several pumps commonly recognized in the market, such as self-priming centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, etc., will have the problem of clogging, but the market application is mature and cheap, so many customers still continue to use them.
In many wastewater treatment plants, in order to solve the problem of pump clogging, the initiative to find a new pump has become the task of the technical department, the non-clogging feature based on the principle of the volumetric pump, the lobe pump is this kind of pump.
lobe pump because the overflow components are three lobe spiral rubber covered rotor, the full name of the lobe lobe pump, rubber material for sludge with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, lobe pump speed is low, the application for the sludge pump, ordinary working conditions in the selection, speed between 200-300 rpm, if there is the presence of fibrous material mentioned at the beginning, in the conveying process, can be based on the role of atmospheric pressure, lies The pump cavity internal contact area is very small, pushing from the inlet end to the outlet end.
The lobe pump conveys sludge, we can call it a sludge lobe pump, good media passage rate, low wear and low corrosion, long parts replacement cycle.