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May 18, 2022 View:

The working principle of rotor pump

lobe pump

The diagram above shows the working principle of double-lobe circular rotor pump, as shown in the diagram, when the two rotors rotate, the working chamber connected to the suction port of the pump keeps increasing, when When the rotor continues to rotate to form a closed cavity, the inhalation process ends; the rotor continues to rotate, the closed cavity is connected to the pump's outlet, the media in the closed cavity is discharged from the outlet; at the same time, the other side of the rotor is in the process of volume increase, inhalation. So the rotor continuous rotation, alternately complete the process of inhalation and discharge, complete the work of the rotor pump. Two lobe rotor pump each rotation week, complete two suction and discharge work. Similarly, a single-lobe rotor pump completes two suction and discharge jobs per week; a three-lobe rotor pump completes three suction and discharge jobs per week. Theoretically, the three-lobe rotor pump has higher efficiency. The diagram below shows the working principle of the three-lobe rotor pump.

lobe pump