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May 11, 2022 View:

This Ten Torture Will Make Your Pump Life Worse Than Death

Have you been hit by the top ten tortures of pumps? Is your pump is also experiencing pain. Today Zhejiang Ace lobe pump 's will take you to know which top ten torture will make your pump worse than death!

One of the top ten pump tortures: overload

Excessive deviations from the rated design point over a long period of time in operation, whether it be flow, pressure or speed, will damage your pump and shorten its life.

Top 10 Torture at the Pump #2: Starvation

Never give the pump maintenance and change the grease/oil. Pumps, like cars, need regular, periodic maintenance and servicing.

Top Ten Tortures at the Pump #3: Asphyxiation

1. excessively low inlet levels.

2. unclean inlet pipes in the source water intake and the presence of blockages.

3. The temperature of the conveyed medium is increased without an increase in inlet pressure; this will all lead to your pump experiencing choking pains.

Top 10 Pump Tortures #4: Oil Frying

By leaving your pump running in closed-valve service for long periods of time and without any bypass, all the system's energy is wasted on heating water. The pump is like working in a frying pan and is repeatedly subjected to torment.

Top 10 torture at the pump #5: Poisoning

Without the consent of the equipment manufacturer, the medium to be pumped is changed. This medium, in turn, may corrode the pump's casing material.

Top ten pump torture number six: piercing

For source water with high sand content or poor water quality, no filtering or sedimentation equipment is provided. These solid particles keep washing the pump cavity, reducing the actual service life of the pump.

Seventh of the Ten Greatest Tortures at the Pump: Autopsy

The actual outlet pressure of the pump is much higher than its pressure-bearing capacity because the outlet is blocked, or the inlet pressure is too high, and eventually the pump is burst.

Top 10 Torture at the Pump #8: Trampolines

All pumps are installed on the same rigid foundation or the foundation is so weak that the foundation does not provide sufficient strength to bind the pumps to the operating vibrations and the pumps jump around like they are on a trampoline.

Nine of the Ten Greatest Tortures at the Pump: Drowning

Before the pump was installed and commissioned, it was in a wet environment; or after the pump was in operation, the drains were blocked and the pump's electrical components were exposed to moisture for a long time.

Top 10 Torture at the Pump #10: Cold Violence

Pumps never get enough care, users do not check and regularly maintain the pump as required by the manufacturer, do not or rarely replace the seals or packing, do not repaint the pump, do not check the vibration, making the pump from a minor illness to a major illness that is not treated.