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May 14, 2022 View:

Three reasons for the popularity of the rotor pump

Guide: With the development and progress of human civilization, we have not only improved our pursuit in material life, but also expanded our knowledge in other industry fields, just like now we know a lot of things we didn't know before through the internet and books, like the lobe pump. Before knowing it, we had never even heard of it, but after knowing it, we learned a lot about it, and here are some characteristics of lobe pump.

lobe pump

I. Safe and hygienic with strong sealing

lobe pump are It is a kind of pump that conveys fluid with the help of many fixed volume conveying units, it is a volumetric pump, which is more suitable for some high viscosity media. It can be used in the food and beverage category, such as the transport of dairy products, chocolate, cheese, etc.. It can also be applied to the transport of fruit concentrates, like jams, jellies, etc. Therefore, all the parts of the lobe pump that need to be in contact with the transported objects are made of stainless steel, which meets the world health standards. Therefore, it is safer and more hygienic than other conveying channels. In addition, it has a relatively strong seal.

Second, environmentally friendly and non-polluting

The rotor structure in the lobe pump is made of green and non-polluting materials, which largely reduces the pollution of the conveyed material. In addition, he will be steam sterilized to meet the industry required specifications.

Three, energy-saving and reliable, low operating costs

The lobe pump is compact, easy to maintain and install. And no wear and tear, high reliability, relatively long service life, relatively low operating costs, the pump's inverter can also adjust the flow rate at any time, effective and controllable energy saving and consumption reduction.

These are the characteristics of the lobe pump that make it popular, and if there is a demand for it, you must find a regular manufacturer to purchase it.