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May 11, 2022 View:

Typical Applications Of Rotary Lobe Pumps In Wastewater Treatment Plants Are Shared

lobe pumps are used in a wide range of applications in wastewater treatment plants. Today Ace has introduced a few common typical applications for you.

1、Sand suction pump for travelling vehicles

The lobe pump is mounted on a travelling crane and uses its excellent self-priming capacity to discharge the sediment from the bottom of the pond. The aeration and sedimentation tanks provide favourable conditions for the normal operation of the subsequent sedimentation tanks, aeration tanks, sludge nitrification tanks and for the final disposal of the sediment.

2、Dewatering machine supply/discharge pump

After settling and thickening, the sludge from the wastewater treatment plant is conveyed to the dewatering machine (centrifugal dewatering, belt dewatering, or plate and frame filter press) by means of a lobe pump. The solids content of the sludge is approximately 1-4%, and the sludge contains solids, fibres and silt, which is usually accompanied by a cutting machine (or sludge crusher).

After dewatering the dry sludge (sludge cake) can also be transferred to the sludge hopper by means of a lobe pump.

3. Sludge transfer pumps (primary sedimentation tanks, high efficiency sedimentation tanks, thickening tanks, digestion tanks, etc.)

The lobe pump is suitable for sludge transfer in all processes of wastewater treatment and contains dilute sludge that settles by gravity and suspended sludge that collects on the surface of the secondary sedimentation tank and has a solids content of approximately 1-4%. At this stage of the treatment process, the sludge contains a variable amount of organic and inorganic solids. The lobe pump has a low rotational speed, broadside rotor technology and a long service life. The models can be selected according to the different working conditions.

4、Dosing pump

Activated carbon dosing, PAM dosing fancy a lobe pump with high efficiency, small footprint, low maintenance costs, wear resistance, no need to fill the pump, self-priming force up to 9 m, simple maintenance and replacement of spare parts, save time and effort.

5、Membrane treatment suction pump

In the process of submerged membrane treatment, the membrane is used to separate the two phases and as a barrier for selective transfer of substances, while the lobe pump is located at the back end of the membrane cell and provides negative pressure so that the untreated tap water flows through the ultrafiltration/microfiltration membrane under negative pressure attraction. Suspended matter, bacteria and other macromolecular microorganisms in the water are isolated in the outer layer of the membrane and the screened water is discharged via the lobe pump and into the pipeline.

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