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May 11, 2022 View:

Up Knowledge Of Different Materials Of High Viscosity Rotary Lobe Pump Characteristics Introduced

The high viscosity lobe pump, the rotary lobe pump, is a lobe type displacement pump that conveys fluids by means of the cyclical transformation of several fixed volume delivery units in the working chamber.

The high viscosity lobe pump has a wide range of viscosity adaptation and features low speed, high efficiency, smooth running, strong self-priming capability, easy operation and pump preheating. The pump adopts advanced sealing, reliable performance and long service life. It is a special equipment for conveying high temperature, high viscosity or high sanitary requirements in petrochemical, oil and grease, asphalt, food and light industry.

lobe pump

High viscosity lobe pumps can be used for a wide range of viscosities, from a few tens of lis to hundreds of thousands of lis. High viscosity pumps have different material configurations for different viscosities and working conditions. What are the characteristics of each of the different materials used in high viscosity lobe pumps?

High viscosity lobe pumps are available in stainless steel, plain cast iron, ductile cast iron, copper and cast steel depending on the working conditions.

lobe pump

1. High viscosity lobe pumps made of cast iron with heat-treated rotors and shafts offer good cost performance and can be used for a variety of conveyance and pressurisation without pending special requirements.

2, ductile iron material of high viscosity lobe pump has good wear resistance and temperature resistance characteristics, mainly used for conveying quite serious wear media, its rotor do carburization treatment, has good wear resistance and temperature resistance, and the cost is not high.

3, cast steel high viscosity lobe pump is also quite widely used, according to the material characteristics, more for the need to keep warm occasions, such as the transport of asphalt, resin and other room temperature solidification crystalline media.

4. High viscosity lobe pumps made of copper are mostly used in explosion-proof conditions.

5, stainless steel high viscosity lobe pump applications are more widespread, used in corrosive and require high sanitary occasions, material can be divided into 304 material and 316 material, 316 material price is slightly higher, stronger corrosion resistance, if the corrosion is not very strong, it is recommended to choose 304 material can be.