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May 18, 2022 View:

We must read several issues in the use of metal lobe pumps

Metal lobe pump mainly adopts external movable and static ring mechanical seal, which can be flushed by water directly, resistant to high pressure, not easy to wear, no leakage. Small volume, large flow rate, high head pressure, suitable for long distance and high resistance quantitative conveying. Configured with frequency converter, the flow rate can be adjusted at will, and can be used as a general metering pump. It can convey three-phase mixture of vapor, liquid and solid materials. Such a wide range of use customers will naturally be concerned about the possible failure of the lobe pump and the reasons for it, we will learn about it below.
1. Insufficient flow of lobe pump may be caused by the following reasons:
Low inlet pressure. Check the inlet pipeline to make the pressure reach the specified requirement, otherwise cavitation may occur.
The inlet line is blocked.
Severe rotor wear and leakage.
Safety valve problem. The safety valve should be checked for poor sealing.
The speed is too low.
Viscosity is too low. The working range of the pump needs to be checked, and the model should be reselected if necessary. Oil pump
2. The lobe pump has abnormal vibration noise, which may be caused by the following reasons:
Large eccentricity of the coupling or poor lubrication.
Gas in the pump.
Motor failure.
Abnormal speed reducer.
Bad installation at the shaft seal.
Shaft deformation or wear.
3. The lobe pump current is too high, which may be caused by the following reasons:
High outlet pressure. The outlet pipeline should be checked for blockage and the outlet valve opening is appropriate.
Melt viscosity is too large.
Poor shaft seal assembly.
Shaft or bearing wear.
Motor failure.
4. The lobe pump suddenly stops, which may be caused by the following reasons:
Power failure.
Motor overload protection.
Damaged coupling.
High outlet pressure and interlock reaction.
Abnormal bite into the pump.
Shaft sticking to bearing seized.