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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Advantages Of Farm Lobe Rotary Lobe Pumps Compared With Conventional Manure Pumping

There are many kinds of pumping pumps on the market, but some conventional pumping pumps can no longer meet the working conditions. And the rotary lobe pump used as a manure pump does not need to dive into the liquid, only need to fix the product on the shore or car, the pipeline deep into the pool, completely by the pump's suction range, you can transport the medium, the pump uses a spiral three-blade special rubber fully covered, with a high vacuum degree.

lobe pump

rotary lobe pumps have the following advantages over conventional septic pumps.

1、The rotary lobe pump adopts the assembled combined floating mechanical seal instead of the existing spring thrust type mechanical seal structure.

2、Rotor of rotary lobe pump: nano-compound wear-resistant rubber rotor, resistant to dry running, strong and durable pump body, long life;

The wide head seal is designed to optimise the rotor profile, ensuring that the rotor and pump seal are face sealed, ensuring a high vacuum capacity even when the rotor is worn.

3、Gas-liquid two-phase sealing technology: special mechanical seal developed by domestic famous mechanical seal experts, unique structure of sealing surface, sufficient lubrication, no air resistance, sufficient convection of cooling medium, can effectively prevent the sealing surface from dry wear, high temperature, cracking and failure, to ensure normal operation of the pump unit. Non-clogging, strong passability, ordinary plastic bags, woven bags, gravel, mud, hair and other debris will not affect the use of the pump.

4、Integrated integrated control system: The project adopts advanced embedded system to develop intelligent control system and realise intelligent monitoring.

5、Extremely strong media passability, maximum passable particles up to 80mm or more.