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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Advantages Of High Viscosity Transfer Pump

The high viscosity transfer pump uses compressed air as the driving air source and the drive motor has a purely mechanical reversing mechanism inside, with few internal parts, easy maintenance and long service life. It is mainly used in the petroleum, chemical, paint, oil and grease, pharmaceutical, dyestuff and food industries. As the product can be used in different materials and its unique structure, it is widely used to convey media of different nature and viscosity. Its specific advantages are as follows.

1、Wide range of conveying media

The high viscosity pump can convey high viscosity and solid particles media, also suitable for conveying process easy to foam media, through the pump conveying media to maintain the original quality of the same, do not have any physical and chemical reaction.

2、Good sealing performance

Excellent choice of materials, sealing using external dynamic and static ring mechanical seal, can be water system, not easy to leak. Can convey a variety of corrosive media, the use of temperature up to 200 ℃. And high viscosity conveying pump inside and outside the rotor turning the same, small wear, long service life.

3、CNC machining

Adopting CNC machining, there are gaps between the high viscosity transfer pump and various parts in the pump cavity, which are not in contact with each other, not easy to wear, and low noise. High viscosity transfer pump has strong self-priming performance, conveying liquid smoothly, no pulsation, small vibration and low noise. The speed and flow rate are linear functions, and the flow rate of the pump can be changed by appropriately changing the speed.

4、With insulation jacket structure

High viscosity pump can adopt insulation jacket structure, when conveying relatively high viscosity materials can be high viscosity pump insulation, so as to reduce the viscosity of the medium, to achieve better conveying effect. High viscosity pump in the use of a period of time, if the internal clearance of the pump after wear, without dismantling the pump can be adjusted according to the viscosity of the material conveyed by the high viscosity pump to the pump clearance, after adjustment and the new pump can achieve good use effect.

These are the advantages of high viscosity transfer pumps, I hope they will be of help to you!