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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Advantages Of Rotary Lobe Pumps Used As Feed Pumps For Filter Presses

The filter press feed pump station requires a pump with the characteristics of non-clogging, no wear and tear and a high throughput rate, while the lobe pump can just meet the needs of its station. The specific advantages are as follows.

1、The regular and wide inlet allows the smooth passage of viscous or solids containing media, suitable for high viscosity, high solids content and sensitive media.

2、Good airtightness, strong self-priming power, no need to fill the pump before starting, self-priming height up to 9m, pressure head up to 18bar.

lobe pump

3、Using rubber rotor, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, no pulsation, high efficiency and low noise. When conveying media containing solid particles, the axial wear-resistant liner plate and radial wear-resistant bushing can better protect the pump casing and prolong the service life of the pump. The material of the wear-resistant plate and wear-resistant bushing is made of wear-resistant material, which is highly resistant to wear, acid and alkali.

4、Using combined floating mechanical seal, the mechanical seal is lubricated by the lubricating oil of the isolation cavity, the structure is symmetrical, the conveying direction is reversible, only the driving direction needs to be changed, positive rotation can be pumped, reverse rotation can be flushed.

5、Good wear resistance, all parts are made of composite wear resistant material, long life, compact structure, small space occupation, online convenient maintenance, small maintenance workload, no special tools required.

6、The pump operates with high efficiency and saves energy and electricity.

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