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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Benefits Of Forward And Reverse Rotation Of A Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump

What are the benefits of forward and reverse rotation of a lobe rotor pump? Today Ace will talk to you about the benefits of forward and reverse rotation of a rotary lobe pump, hopefully it will help you!

Our lobe pumps are symmetrical in design, so by changing the output direction of our motor shaft we can change the import and export direction of our pumps. At this point more users will ask, then you do not mark out the factory direction we how to determine the import and export direction of the pump? In fact, it is relatively simple, the motor drive is from the motor, gearbox, synchronous gearbox, a pair of relatively rotating rotor, then the import and export direction of the pump is the same as the direction of rotation of our motor.

And there are some other application characteristics of the rotary lobe pump, it can be used in two stations of unloading and loading, one pump to solve; on the membrane treatment of the water plant, the reversal can be backwashing and other stations. The rotary lobe pump is one of the fluid equipment, its rotor is fully rubber covered, withstand wear and tear is stronger, there is a clearance fit between the rotor and the shell, has a strong self-priming force and high head force, the pump is reliable, robust, energy saving, can transport a variety of viscous or granular media.

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