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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Causes Of Rotary Lobe Pump Motor Overload?

The most common motor overload is that the pump shaft is not concentric with the motor shaft. At this point, it is only necessary to readjust the concentricity of the pump and motor shafts so that they are in the same straight line again. So, what are the specific causes of lobe pump motor overload?

1、The packing gland is pressed too tightly, when filling the packing, the packing gland is pressed too tightly will increase the friction between the packing and the pump sleeve, increasing the motor load, which is especially obvious in the lobe pump. Therefore, when filling the packing, adjust the packing gland pressure appropriately to reduce the degree of packing pressure.

2, due to the liquid viscosity is higher than the specified value or the density of the liquid is higher than the specified value or there is crystallization and other problems generated by the motor overload, generally in the early selection of the unit selection is not suitable for the reasons caused by the selection, in the late discovery of the problem, the need to start from the medium, add diluent to reduce the density, and heating to eliminate crystallization and dilute the viscosity of the liquid, in line with the process of transport requirements.

3, long time use of the unit, it is likely that the bearing is seriously damaged, which requires the entire pump to be disassembled to check whether the bearing is the problem, time-consuming and high labour costs.

4, low power supply voltage, high-power motors, the voltage is too low when it can not start, even after starting and running the current will be very large, so that the motor overload. The reason of low voltage, in addition to the low voltage of the power grid, sometimes due to the cable transmission distance is too long, the cable section area is too small, will cause the voltage drop, sometimes due to the transformer capacity is too small, will also cause low voltage. The solution is to find out the cause and to find an electrician to solve the problem in collaboration.

The above four points are the causes of lobe pump motor overload, for more information about lobe pump other related knowledge please pay attention to: