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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Common Rotary Lobe Pump Transmission Methods

In general, what are the common lobe pump drive methods? Today Ace will take you through them.

1、dc drive

i.e. the motor is driven directly, the motor is connected to the pump without a pulley or reducer, usually lobe pumps with integrated gearboxes use this transmission method, the price is lower compared to lobe pumps with non-integrated gearboxes, but the stability is poor.

2、Belt drive

Simple structure, suitable for the transmission of the two axis centre distance is large occasions, smooth transmission without noise, can buffer, shock absorption overload when the belt will slip on the pulley, can prevent weak parts damage, play a safety protection role, can not guarantee the accurate transmission ratio, the pulley material is generally cast iron, etc., this transmission method is used less, usually for space requirements of the workstation use this transmission method;

3、Hydraulic transmission

Hydraulic pumps transfer mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy, hydraulic control valves and hydraulic auxiliary parts control the pressure, flow and flow direction of the hydraulic medium, the hydraulic pump output pressure energy to the actuating element, the actuating element will be converted from liquid pressure energy to mechanical energy to complete the required action, usually in explosion-proof areas with hydraulic stations in petrochemical sites are used more.

4. Reducer drive

It is the reduction ratio between the input and output, using the input speed minus the speed ratio is the output speed, this type of transmission is more common, the selection is also the most flexible.