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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The External Factors Affecting The Effect Of Mechanical Seal Of Rotary Lobe Pump

Mechanical seal is the largest wearing parts in the lobe pump, such as the incorrect use, will greatly reduce the life of the lobe pump mechanical seal, then, the specific impact of the mechanical seal effect of external factors are what? Today Ace lobe pump's to tell you!

1、Insufficient machining precision. Mechanical seal itself is not enough machining precision, as well as other parts of the pump processing precision is not enough. The existence of these reasons is very detrimental to the effect of mechanical seals.

2、Vibration is large. Mechanical seal vibration is large, eventually leading to the loss of sealing effect, but the root is the pump shaft design is unreasonable, processing reasons, bearing accuracy is not enough, poor parallelism of the coupling, radial force and other reasons.

3, the pump shaft has a large axial runout. Mechanical seal sealing surface to have a certain specific pressure, so as to play a sealing role, in order to ensure this a specific pressure, mechanical seal requirements pump shaft can not have too much tampering, generally to ensure that within 0.5 mm.

4、Axial deviation. Mechanical seal in the use of the process can not bear the axial force, if there is axial force, the impact on the mechanical seal is very serious. Mechanical seal to withstand an axial force, the operation of the sealing gland temperature will be high, for polypropylene media, at high temperatures will be melted, so the pump will soon start to lose the sealing effect, the pump is stationary when the seal end face intermittent spray leakage phenomenon.

5, no auxiliary flushing system or auxiliary system set unreasonable. Mechanical seal auxiliary flushing system is very important, it can effectively protect the sealing surface, play a role in cooling, lubrication, flush away debris, etc. Sometimes the designer does not have a reasonable configuration of the auxiliary flushing system will not achieve the sealing effect; sometimes the designer although the design of the auxiliary system, but due to impurities in the flushing fluid, the flow pressure of the flushing fluid is not enough, the flushing port location is not reasonable design, etc., also reached The sealing effect is also not achieved due to impurities in the flushing fluid, insufficient flow pressure of the flushing fluid and unreasonable location of the flushing port.