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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Main Scenarios For Rubber Rotary Lobe Pumps?

Rubber lobe pumps are non-clogging, strong self-priming and have good passability. Can be used as sewage sludge transfer pump, sedimentation tank treatment pump, sludge thickening pump and other uses, the following Ace lobe pump of specific everyone introduced below.

lobe pump

I. Sewage sludge transfer pumps

Rubber lobe pumps are suitable for applications in the field of sewage transfer. In this field, sewage can be transported reasonably well using a lobe pump. And because the pump chamber is relatively wide, as well as the inlet and outlet free of blockages, the efficiency of the sewage transfer is very high. However, there are many other factors that influence the efficiency and the efficiency cannot be judged solely on the basis of the size of the pump chamber.

II. Sedimentation tank treatment pumps

Rubber lobe pumps are also efficient in sewage treatment plants for sinker tasks. Because the lobe pump has a mixed solid-liquid separation function, particles such as sand can be filtered out and sunk in the process of treating sewage. In order to achieve better sinker results, regular maintenance is required in the course of daily use.

III. Sludge thickening pumps

Rubber lobe pumps can also be used in the case of sludge thickening. In the process of sludge thickening, the rotary medium is able to thicken the sludge quickly because of the short transfer distance in the pump. If sludge thickening is frequently required, then when purchasing a lobe pump it is recommended to measure the conveying distance in the pump.

There are many application scenarios for rubber lobe pumps. In addition to the above scenarios, rubber lobe pumps can also play an important role in petroleum and petrochemical, municipal environmental protection and breeding industries. Welcome to call us: +086-18626835909