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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Precautions Before Starting A Mobile Rotary Lobe Pump Ace Tells You

Ace describes the following precautions for mobile lobe pumps prior to start-up.

Check the oil level in the gearbox is normal, observe the transparent oil standard, the oil level should be half of the oil standard window, the lubricant should be replaced regularly. Generally after 4000 hours of operation it should be completely replaced.

Before starting, open all inlet and outlet valves of the pipeline. When the medium flows into the chamber, if there is no abnormality after turning the pump manually, you can move it slowly first. After confirming the pump's steering and the flow of the medium, official operation begins. It is strictly forbidden to run the pump empty.

Observe the pump pressure index when the pump has reached normal speed. When the pump is installed in a position that requires pumping, the pump inlet pipe and pump chamber should be filled with material.

When the process requires heating or cooling of the medium, the heating or cooling device should be switched on before starting the pump and half of the heat should be switched on 10 minutes in advance before starting the pump.

For pumps equipped with cooling water mechanical seals, the cooling water must be turned on before starting and there must be no cut-off after starting, otherwise the mechanical seal will be damaged immediately.