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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Reasons For The Large Vibration Of Sludge Rotary Lobe Pump

Recently there have been enquiries about the reasons for the vibration of the sludge lobe pump, many people encounter this situation will think that there is a problem with the equipment, but in reality this is not the case, the phenomenon is in most cases caused by the lack of operation. The following Ace lobe pump manufacturer's to introduce you in detail.

1、Incorrect installation

Some users will install the pump on the ground to save time and effort, so they will directly connect the inlet and outlet pipes and then run it directly, and some will choose to install it on a triangle iron welded bracket, but we know that the structure of the triangle iron frame is too single, and generally are not solid, so it will lead to a relatively large sound when running, this We need to install the sludge lobe pump on a hard, flat surface.

2、The concentricity of the coupling is not adjusted

If the concentricity is not adjusted during installation, or if the rubber block inside the coupling is worn out, these two situations will also make the sludge pump vibrate, and the operation required is very simple.

3、Damaged bearings

If the bearings of a sludge lobe pump are damaged, this can cause the pump to vibrate a lot, and it is only necessary to replace the bearings with new ones. This is usually due to a problem in the installation or a fault in the use of the sludge pump.

These are just a few of the common reasons for large vibrations in sludge lobe pumps. Ace reminds everyone that once a large vibration sound occurs in the sludge lobe pump during use, it must be solved in time to avoid affecting the working process.