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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Reasons Why Rotary Lobe Pumps Replace Centrifugal Pumps

The rotor pump is used to transport liquids by means of the cyclical transformation of several fixed volume delivery units in the working chamber. Because the lobe pump itself comes with online maintenance, it does not affect the normal work of the production line and at the same time reduces maintenance costs, so it makes many companies start to abandon centrifugal pumps in favour of lobe pumps.

Advantages of lobe pumps instead of centrifugal pumps.

First, the centrifugal pump itself does not have self-priming ability, the so-called self-priming centrifugal pump is loaded with a vacuum assisted system, so that before the use of the pump needs to be primed to fill the pump, the use of the process is prone to cut off the flow. The lobe pump, on the other hand, does not need to be primed to fill the pump, and starts directly, with a strong self-priming force, self-priming up to 9m.

Secondly, the lobe pump has a strong corrosion and wear resistance, the lobe pump uses a full rubber covered rotor with small gaps, no winding, no blockage, strong ability to pass particles, in the sewage treatment plant efficient sedimentation tank residual sludge pump station application, excellent operational performance, low post maintenance costs.

Thirdly, the lobe pump has the ability to mix gas and liquid: unloading and sweeping of petrol, diesel and methanol can be done in one pump.