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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Reasons Why The Rotary Lobe Pump Does Not Self-Priming

One of the most important factors in the normal use of rotor pumps is self-priming, however, due to common operational and design reasons, it may also lead to the inability of the lobe pump to self-priming, what causes this, today Ace lobe pump's to analyse the specific analysis for you.


(1) lobe pumps are usually matched with gooseneck flanges when self-priming capacity is taken into account in the selection.

(2) The slope of the pipeline, the pipeline connected to the inlet flange of the lobe pump should be sloped downwards, upwards will reduce the vacuum of the air in the pipeline and affect the efficiency.

(3) Gaps in the pipe connections, where air enters the pipes directly.

(4) The vertical pipeline is too long, the self-priming height of the lobe pump should be controlled at 6-7 metres, and the height should be adjusted appropriately for high viscosity media.

2、Pump set

1) Low power of the supporting motor, the speed does not reach the rated speed.

(2) The pump itself has a quality problem, with a large gap between the rotor and the pump casing, preventing the formation of a vacuum.

The above is the reason why the lobe pump does not self-priming, to learn more about the lobe pump related knowledge please pay attention to: