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May 11, 2022 View:

What Are The Unique Advantages Of Rotary Lobe Pump Compared With Centrifugal Pump Screw Pump

The lobe pump, also known as a colloid pump, lobe pump, triple lobe pump or universal transfer pump, etc., is a volumetric pump. It conveys fluids by means of the cyclical transformation of several fixed volume delivery units in the working chamber. Compared to other pumps, the lobe pump has its own unique advantages.

lobe pump

I. Comparison of lobe pumps and centrifugal pumps

1, the lobe pump pump cavity volume is large, suitable for conveying viscous high, solid rate of media transport. Centrifugal pump conveying media, once the medium becomes viscous, the flow or pressure will have a sharp drop.

2, the lobe pump is an elastomer rotor, with good scalability and wear resistance, can achieve mixed gas-liquid-solid transmission and resistance to cavitation. The centrifugal pump is a metal impeller, which can only transport cleaner and more liquid materials, and cannot be mixed with gas-liquid-solid.

3, the lobe pump with spiral linear three lobe rotor, pulsation is small, low shear, and smooth delivery. Centrifugal pump speed is generally very high, up to thousands of revolutions per minute, the shear of the medium is very large.

4, the lobe pump is easy to maintain, can achieve online maintenance, in addition, the lobe pump back cover extraction design, without disassembling the pump body and pipeline can be repaired. The centrifugal pump needs to be disassembled and repaired.

Second, the lobe pump and screw pump comparison

1、Conveyance direction

lobe pump with reversable direction of delivery and fully symmetrical pump construction.

In contrast, screw pumps are not reversible and their seals are under pressure when conveying in reverse.


The wear parts of the lobe pump have a long service life and the wear on the overflow parts comes mainly from the abrasive and corrosive components of the medium.

The low service life of the screw pump, the friction between the rotor and the stator, the particles in the medium and so on affect the service life of the wear parts at the same time, the stress generated by the eccentric rotor is all borne by the stator, which intensifies the wear between the parts, even if the medium is transported without any particles, the stator of the pump will gradually wear out.

3. Cost of spare parts

The lobe pump's patented adjustable rotor with replaceable rotor tip minimises the cost of spare parts, and the cost of replaceable liners and mechanical seals is also very low.

Screw pump spare parts cost is very high, due to the fierce price war between screw pump manufacturers, making the sale of the whole pump is not profitable, now screw pump manufacturers profit mainly from the sale of accessories, an extreme example is the price of a set of accessories higher than the price of the whole pump.

4. Maintenance

lobe pumps are easy to repair, no dismantling of pipes, few special tools, little space and little manpower.

It is not easy to maintain a progressive cavity pump, each maintenance requires disassembly and removal of piping, universal joints, stator, rotor and other parts require special tools to disassemble, maintenance work requires a large space to complete, more than 2 people to complete the maintenance work.