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May 11, 2022 View:

What Conditions Should The Motor Of High Viscosity Rotary Lobe Pump Meet

High viscosity lobe pump is an external gear pump can not meet the conveying situation specifically conveying viscous high material volume pump, high viscosity lobe pump conveying need to be based on the actual working conditions of the user to determine the selection of the selection of materials, then in the high viscosity lobe pump selection, the motor needs to meet what conditions? The following Ace to share with you.

1, the use of frequency conversion motor conditions of application: equipment hard start on the grid impact of the need for soft start; the same equipment conveying different viscosity materials, the flow needs to be adjusted; now there is a frequency converter of the need for frequency conversion motor working conditions.

2、Applicable conditions for the use of gear motors: equipment with a smooth speed itself, no need to adjust the size of the flow, equipment with hard start allowed; equipment that does not require infinitely variable speed regulation.

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