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May 11, 2022 View:

What Do I Need To Do If I Want A Stable Rotary Lobe Pump?

The customers who have bought the lobe pump must know that sometimes they do not know why the delivery will appear unstable, then want to lobe pump stable delivery need to do what?

The following are required for stable lobe pump delivery.

A. When installing the rotary lobe pump, full consideration should be given to the location and space requirements for future maintenance; adjust the ground bolts of the rotary lobe pump so that the whole is in a horizontal state; when connecting the pipeline, attention should be paid to the connection of the water supply pipeline. The water supply pipeline connection should be placed horizontally to prevent residual air or gas residue in the pipeline from affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

Secondly, for materials with higher viscosity, a high viscosity feed should be used to increase the pressure of the feed tube.

3. The factory is requested to arrange the inlet piping strictly in accordance with the import and export marks on the imported equipment, no reverse connection is allowed, if the user has special requirements, please specify when ordering.

4. Please strictly follow the steering marks on the pump casing for wiring and do not reverse the rotation.

Warm tip: The above is a good introduction to what you need to do if you want a lobe pump to deliver stably. As long as you do so according to what is said, it will be very possible to avoid the situation of unstable lobe pump delivery, if you also encounter different situations, you can consult Ace, we will explain in detail for you.