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May 11, 2022 View:

What Factors Will Affect The Efficiency Of The Rotary Lobe Pump Ace Tells You

I'm sure many of you have encountered this situation: the rot or pump in a certain period of time suddenly slowed down the work efficiency, what is the situation? In fact, the life of the lobe pump is very long, if you encounter the efficiency of the slowdown, may be due to certain factors that cause it to slow down, which factors will affect the efficiency of the lobe pump? The following Ace to tell you.

The following factors can affect the efficiency of a lobe pump.

1. Volume loss

Part of the liquid in the pump cavity leaks back to the rotor inlet through the rotor seal ring gap and is not used effectively, forming a loss. So the smaller the clearance of the seal ring the better. However, due to processing and assembly reasons, too small a clearance may lead to eccentric wear or jamming. National standards make special provisions for clearances for all types of pumps.

2. Mechanical losses

Frictional losses on the outer surfaces of the front and rear cover plates of the paddle wheel and the pump chamber with the liquid phase (also known as disc losses).

Disc losses account for a large proportion, even up to 30% of the effective power. Tests show that the disc loss is proportional to the cubic size of the impeller speed and the size of the outer diameter. So the larger the impeller outer diameter, the greater the disc loss. Although the disc loss is proportional to the cubic size of the rotational speed, but at a certain head, as the rotational speed increases, the impeller outer diameter decreases accordingly (it can be considered as a multiple of the pump rotational speed, the multiple of the impeller outer diameter is halved) and the disc loss decreases in a proportion of one-fifth. Therefore, as the speed increases, the disc loss does not increase, but decreases, which is one of the reasons for the development of high-speed pumps.

3、Hydraulic losses

In the liquid flowing through the pump (from inlet to outlet), losses due to changes in velocity and direction are unavoidable. These two components are the hydraulic losses. In order to reduce such losses, in addition to improving the smoothness of the flow components, an excellent hydraulic model should be selected wherever possible.

Warm reminder: the above is about what factors will affect the efficiency of the lobe pump related to the introduction. Customers using lobe pumps must pay attention to these factors, only to say goodbye to these factors in order to make the lobe pump work more efficiently for a long time.