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May 11, 2022 View:

What Is A Lobe Pump Chamfer And What Does It Do

In order to remove burrs on the part resulting from machining and to facilitate assembly of the part, chamfers are generally made on the end of the part. In addition, there is a process known as chamfering/polishing in the production process of the pump and valve industry.

Purpose of chamfering of lobe pumps.

1、Removal of machining residual burrs

2、Requirements for accuracy of lobe pump characteristics

The role of the chamfering of lobe pumps.

The general purpose of chamfering is to remove burrs and make it aesthetically pleasing. However, for chamfers specifically indicated in the drawings, it is generally a requirement of the mounting process, such as the mounting guide for bearings, and some rounded chamfers (or rounded transitions) can also play a role in reducing stress concentrations and strengthening shaft parts! In addition, it also makes assembly easier and is generally carried out before the end of machining.

This is an introduction to the chamfering of lobe pumps. The lobe pump is a self-priming volumetric pump. Two rotors mounted on two shafts are driven by synchronous gears to rotate against each other. A small sealed cavity is formed between the rotor and the pump casing. When the rotor is rotating, the air is removed from the inlet end to form a vacuum and the material is drawn in. The direction of the material conveyed by the lobe pump can be reversed by changing the direction of rotation of the rotor.