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May 11, 2022 View:

What Is The Best Pump For Handling High Efficiency Sedimentation Tank Sludge

Ace recommends the rotary lobe pump for smooth delivery, good throughput and low overall cost of ownership. Its specific advantages are as follows.

I. Small footprint

The rotary lobe pump has a smaller footprint, 2/3 smaller than a screw pump, which greatly reduces civil construction costs.

II. Simple structure

The rubber covered rotor of the rotary lobe pump has no stator and the replacement of consumables is simply a matter of replacing the rotor.

III. Wear and tear resistance

The overflow chamber is short and the rotor only needs to make half a turn to complete the conveying work. Choose the correct rubber material, for example NBR Nitrile.

IV. Simple maintenance methods

rotary lobe pumps can be replaced by a single person in less than 25 hours without removing pipework, without removing them from the process, without moving pipework and other devices associated with the pump.

The rotary lobe pump can be used for the treatment of high efficiency sedimentation tank sludge, but also for petroleum and petrochemical, municipal environmental protection, breeding sewage, food waste treatment and other fields. Welcome to consult: +086-18626835909