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May 11, 2022 View:

What Is The Best Pump To Use For Oil Unloading And Sweeping

The continuous increase in imported oil products has led to a gradual increase in the daily workload of domestic refineries and oil depots, and the demand for oil unloading pumps and bunker pumps is not only reflected in the quantity but also in the effectiveness of their use.

Recently, we have received many enquiries from customers who are complaining that the pressure of their original oil discharge pump is not sufficient, or that the self-priming capacity of the bunker sweeping pump is not sufficient to sweep the tanker clean after the oil has been discharged. In fact, this is attributed to the structural form of the pump, which cannot meet the process requirements.

lobe pump

Ace lobe lobe pumps differ from traditional high speed stainless steel impellers by using a rubber fully encapsulated rotor that runs at a low speed, allowing the pump to form a sealed chamber inside. This is described in more detail below.

When the rotary lobe pump is switched on and running, the inside of the pump cavity is under vacuum and the inlet and outlet are wide. The finished oil is drawn in by the inlet and pushed out to the outlet, where it reaches its destination through the pipeline. The whole process does not break the flow, and the rotary lobe pump is ready for use when switched on, without the need to draw liquid to fill the pump, the pump itself has the ability to pump vacuum.

The gas-liquid mixing capability of the rotary lobe pump determines the advantages over impeller pumps for applications in the oil discharge pump and silo sweeping pump processes.

When working with a bin sweeper pump, a hose is used to reach down to the bottom of the tank to be cleaned. As we said, the rotary lobe pump has the ability to mix gas and liquid without the need to fill the pump, so there is no need to worry about disconnecting the flow.

In conclusion, the choice of Ace rotary lobe pumps not only greatly simplifies the bin sweeping process, but also solves the problems of pump vibration and long and inefficient bin sweeping work due to the environmental factors that make vaporisation of diesel fuel possible, while also ensuring fast unloading and thorough bin sweeping.