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May 11, 2022 View:

What Is The Biggest Difference Between A Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump And A Gear Pump

The essential difference between a rotary lobe pump and a gear pump is that the gear pump uses the transport medium as the lubricating medium in rotation and is used in oily media, otherwise the life span is greatly reduced. The lobe pump is using gear oil as lubrication, there is no restriction of conveying medium, and the application range is much wider.

The following Ace rotary lobe pump manufacturer's will introduce the advantages of the difference between the two from the following four aspects.

1. Volume: The rotary lobe pump requires a small footprint due to its compact design. No additional space is required for inspection and repair of the pump. Standard flange, the calibre can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Gear pumps with an overall compact structure and small volume.

2、Conveying direction: The conveying direction of the rotary lobe pump is reversible, and the pump is a completely symmetrical structure. The direction of delivery of the gear pump is not reversible, and the discharge tank is set according to the oil inlet and outlet, and the position is not symmetrical.

3, dry rotation: rotary lobe pumps have low sensitivity to dry rotation, longer idling pump body temperatures do not rise very high, mechanical seals operate in the immersion of lubricating oil. The gear pump basically burns up the equipment with a slight dry rotation.

4, maintenance: rotary lobe pump maintenance is easy, no need to disassemble the pipeline, few special tools, very little space, very little manpower, no need for professional staff. Gear pumps do not easily require disassembly of pipes and motors.