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May 11, 2022 View:

What Is The Difference Between A Rotary Lobe Pump And A Long-Shaft Submerged Pump?

There are certain differences between lobe pumps and long-shaft submerged pumps. Today Ace lobe pump's will be introduced to you from the aspects of self-priming capacity, forward and reverse rotation capacity, floor space, maintenance methods and maintenance costs.

1、Self-priming capacity

The lobe pump can be allowed to run dry and can reach a vertical self-priming capacity of up to 8.7 metres

Long-shaft submerged pumps are not self-priming

2. Forward and reverse rotation capability

The lobe pump has a reversible conveying direction and is a completely symmetrical structure, the integrated process of loading and unloading of train trestles is suitable for the lobe pump

Not for long shaft submerged pumps

3、Floor space

lobe pump with small footprint, standard flanges and the possibility of changing the diameter according to customer requirements

4. Maintenance methods

The lobe pump is easy to maintain without removing the piping and motor and can be opened by a single person using a special tool.

Long-shaft submerged pumps require additional auxiliary equipment to lift the pump from the basin and disassemble it for maintenance work

5. Maintenance costs

The cost of lobe pump parts is 10% of the cost of a complete pump, and maintenance is carried out by a single person, without requiring a specific maintenance space

The cost of long-shaft submerged pump parts far exceeds the price of the pump itself, requiring multiple people to work together to complete the maintenance work, which is costly.

The above is the difference between lobe pump and long-shaft submerged pump, to learn more about lobe pump related knowledge please pay attention to: