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May 11, 2022 View:

What Is The Difference Between Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump And Gear Oil Pump

rotary lobe pumps and gear oil pumps are both volumetric pumps, the main difference lies in the form of the rotor, the following Ace rotary lobe pump's will be introduced in detail for the fight.

lobe pump

I. Differences in working principle

rotary lobe pumps

The rotary lobe pump works with two synchronised rotors, which rotate in opposite directions. Because the two rotors are synchronised and rotate in opposite directions, a strong suction force is generated at the inlet and outlet of the rotary lobe pump, which draws in the material to be conveyed.

Gear oil pumps

The gear oil pump works by the same pair of gears running inside the pump, and the gears are standing side by side in the pump, the two gears in operation will produce negative pressure on the suction side, this negative pressure will suck the liquid into the pump body, the suction of the liquid gradually increases the discharge side to produce high pressure, the liquid will be ejected out of the pump body.

Second, the difference in the use of performance

rotary lobe pumps

rotary lobe pumps are required and used in many industries because of the following characteristics.

1. Because it has a long service life. When the rotary lobe pump is in operation, there is no friction between the two rotors because there is a gap between them, and there is no tacit calculation due to friction.

2, the use of a wide range, rotary lobe pump can be transported high viscosity, high concentration and even contains particles of the media, this is the gear oil pump can not compare with the advantages.

3. The rotary lobe pump is also a very energy-efficient product, as the pump body runs at a very low speed when the rotary lobe pump is in operation, but is highly efficient.

4, the rotary lobe pump seal is relatively firm, the pump body is also installed with a complete set of insulation devices, the rotary lobe pump can work between 2250 degrees, so the use of the rotary lobe pump performance is very good.

Gear oil pumps

Gear oil pumps are small in size, have relatively compact parts and are easy to use, and are also a good choice

Above is the difference between rotary lobe pump and gear oil pump, to learn more about related pump knowledge please visit: