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May 11, 2022 View:

What Is The Maximum Flow Rate Of The Rotary Lobe Pump Self-Priming Capacity

The lobe pump is driven by synchronous gears and the two rotors mounted on two shafts rotate in opposite directions to each other. A small sealed cavity is formed between the rotor and the pump casing. When the rotor is rotating, the air at the inlet end is exhausted to form a vacuum and the material is sucked in.

Ace lobe pumps have a strong self-priming power without manual pumping, i.e. a maximum suction range of 8.5m; conveying flow range of 1 - 2000m/h; forward and reverse rotation, mainly suitable for loading and discharging scenarios, as well as in the field of sewage treatment where backwashing of filter membranes is required.

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