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May 11, 2022 View:

What Is The Reason For Low Water Output After Starting The Rotary Lobe Pump?

Recently, some customers have inquired about the problem of small water output after the lobe pump has been started, the following Ace lobe pump's on this problem collated several common causes and solutions, I hope it will help you!

1、Bubbles appear in the water and the pump vibration becomes bigger: the inlet pipe is not tight, the valve, flange, or pipe leakage.

Solution: Check the inlet pipes and plug the holes

2、No media flowing out of the outlet: lobe pump rotation reversed

Solution: Change the power supply wiring of the motor and switch any two of the three wires before starting.

3、Vibration: insufficient valve opening

Solution: Check the position of the valve switches and open them all after identifying the cause.

4、Insufficient lobe pump speed

Solution: Check if the power supply voltage is too low; adjust the gearbox to increase the speed and increase self-priming.

5、No vibration, no or little water coming out

Solution: Check the lobe pump rotor wear and tear, timely replacement.

6、Foreign objects block the water inlet pipeline

Solution: stop the pump for disassembly and inspection only after the remaining possible causes have been ruled out.