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May 11, 2022 View:

What Is The Requirement And Purpose Of Regular Maintenance Of Rotary Lobe Pump Ace Tells You

I believe that users who have used lobe pumps have encountered the problem of having to have them serviced regularly, but they do not know the requirements and purpose of servicing lobe pumps, today Ace is here to tell you.

lobe pump

Requirements for periodic servicing of lobe pumps.

I. Eliminate and adjust the larger gaps in the pump due to wear and corrosion;

Second, eliminate the dirt, dirt, rust and corrosion in the pump;

III. Repair or replacement of non-compliant or defective components; by rotor balancing test;

Fourth, check the coaxiality of the pump and drive, in line with the requirements; test drive qualified, data complete, to meet the process production requirements.

Purpose of periodic servicing of lobe pumps.

The use of machine pump overhaul eliminates problems that arise after long periods of operation.

Warm reminder: the above is about regular maintenance lobe pump requirements and what is the purpose of the relevant content. The lobe pump can only be regularly overhauled to make its service life long and its use more efficient, I hope these will be helpful to you.