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May 11, 2022 View:

What Kind Of Pump Can Be Used As Septic Tank Pumping Pump

The septic tank has a variety of household waste and impurities, commonly used submersible sewage pumps and self-priming sewage pumps, pumping septic tanks are prone to clogging, so what pump is better for pumping septic tanks?Ace recommends that you use a rotary lobe pump! The main reasons are the following.

1、The wide and regular inlet of the rotary lobe pump enables the smooth passage of viscous or solids-laden media, suitable for high viscosity, high solids content and sensitive media.

2、The rotary lobe pump has good airtightness and good self-priming power, with a self-priming height of about 9m.

3、The rotary lobe pump adopts elastomeric spiral rotor, which is resistant to wear and tear, corrosion, no pulsation, high efficiency and low noise

4、The rotary lobe pump has good wear resistance, when conveying media containing solid particles, there are axial wear-resistant lining plates and radial wear-resistant bushings to better protect the pump casing and extend the service life of the pump. The material of the wear-resistant plate and wear-resistant bushing is made of wear-resistant material, with strong wear resistance and strong resistance to acid and alkali (PH value 1 to 13).

5、The mechanical seal of the rotary lobe pump is lubricated by the lubricating oil of the isolation chamber and the rotor can run dry for about 10min.

6、The rotary lobe pump has high operating efficiency, energy saving and power saving. Parts are made of composite wear-resistant materials, long life, compact structure, small space, online convenient maintenance, low maintenance workload, no special tools required.

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