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May 11, 2022 View:

What Matters Need Attention In The Operation Of Manure Pump

The pumping pump is a kind of rotary lobe pump used for pumping manure from farms and municipal septic tanks, which has the advantages of small footprint, good through performance and easy installation and maintenance. So what matters need attention in the operation of the manure pump? Today Ace will take you through it.

When the pumping pump is running, because the medium being transported, water and other substances may flee into the oil tank, affecting the normal operation of the pumping pump, therefore, the quality and oil level of the slip should be checked frequently, and the oil quantity of the lubricant, which can be seen from the oil level mark. The new pump should be changed once after a week of operation, and the oil should be changed during the overhaul, and the oil should be changed once every quarter afterwards.

Pumping pump in operation, due to the quality of components and poor quality of maintenance, improper operation or the impact of pipe vibration, etc., often produce vibration. If the vibration exceeds the permissible value, the pump should be stopped and overhauled to avoid damage to the machine.

When the pump is in operation, if the bearing temperature rises quickly and the bearing temperature is too high after stabilisation, it should be dealt with promptly.

Pumping pump in the process of operation, if there is no change in the source of liquid, the opening of the valve on the import and export pipeline has not changed, while the flow or import and export pressure has changed, indicating that there is a fault in the pump or in the pipeline, to quickly identify the causes and timely elimination.

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