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May 11, 2022 View:

What Tests Need To Be Done Before The Rotary Lobe Pump Leaves The Factory

What tests do lobe pumps need to do before they leave the factory? Today Ace lobe pump's will tell you.

I. Running test

The pump shall be tested in operation at the specified speed and at the operating point within the operating range. If necessary, this can be carried out at the final installation site by agreement. During the running test, the temperature rise of the pump bearings and packings, the leakage of the stuffing box and the general condition of noise and vibration should be checked. The wear of the sealing rings, balancing discs, bearings etc. can be checked after the test has been completed. The duration of the running test should not be less than that specified in the table below.

II. Performance tests

The performance test is designed to determine the relationship between pump head, shaft power, efficiency and flow rate. The test should be carried out sequentially starting from the lowest power operating condition. Centrifugal pumps are best tested from zero flow, at least to 15% of the maximum flow in the range of use; mixed flow pumps, axial pumps and vortex pumps from the valve fully open state, at least to less than 15% of the minimum flow. The measurement points should be distributed throughout the curve, with more than 13 different flow points for centrifugal pumps and vortex pumps, and more than 15 different flow points for axial and mixed flow pumps.

C. Cavitation test

The cavitation test is designed to determine the relationship between the critical cavitation margin of the pump and the flow rate, or to verify that the critical cavitation margin of the pump is less than or equal to the required cavitation margin specified.

IV. Factory test

The factory test is a test of the pump's operating range, including small flow points, specified flow points and large flow points at three or more flow points, to check the pump's head and power.

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