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May 11, 2022 View:

What To Pay Attention To When Choosing The Model Of Rotary Lobe Pump Ace Tells You

Purchasing a rotor pump is not just about purchasing a product, it is also about where the lobe pump is applicable? What are the conditions of purchase? For example, the medium to be conveyed and the viscosity, the applicable temperature, etc. These conditions are used to select the model of the lobe pump. These conditions are used to select the model of the lobe pump. What should be noted when selecting the model of the lobe pump? Here Ace will tell you.

When choosing the type of lobe pump pay attention to the following.

1、To consider the nature of the medium

(1) Lubricity, cleanliness and corrosiveness of the medium

If the medium has lubricity and good cleanliness, it is better for the pump parts; the corrosive strength of the medium determines the material of the pump. If the corrosion is very high and the medium is toxic, consider whether there is zero leakage.

(2) Viscosity and temperature of the medium

For piston lobe pumps, the viscosity of the medium is a very important factor. Based on the viscosity of the medium, it can help the user to match the appropriate number of revolutions, motor power, shaft power and other factors; consider whether the temperature of the medium is necessary to add insulation to the pump, because some mediums are crystalline at room temperature and do not have fluidity or poor fluidity, so it is necessary to install an insulation sleeve at this time.

2、Inlet pressure and outlet pressure of the pump need to be considered

When choosing a piston lobe pump, such as positive or atmospheric pressure at the inlet, more conducive to media transfer, need to consider the negative pressure respectively; the pressure at the pump outlet from the pipe resistance and high viscosity media. When the customer provides the pressure, it is best to provide the height and level setting of the pipeline, whether there are safety valves and filters, etc.

3、Selection of seals

The choice of seals for piston lobe pumps depends on factors such as the corrosiveness and viscosity of the medium. Packing seals are generally used for high viscosity, while mechanical seals can be considered for low viscosity.

4、Pump drive mode

Piston lobe pumps are available in both bridge and direct drive versions, both of which can be used according to customer requirements.

5、Piston lobe pump explosion-proof requirements

Whether there are flammable and explosive substances or media that are flammable and explosive, and if there is a danger, need to be explosion-proof to ensure a safe working environment.

Warm tip: The above is the introduction about what to pay attention to when choosing the model of lobe pump. If you still do not know how to choose the model, you can consult me, I will help you choose the right lobe pump for your company.