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May 11, 2022 View:

What Working Condition Is The Most Appropriate Choice Of Rotary Lobe Pump

A rot or pump is a pump that changes the working volume through the relative movement between the rotor and the pump body, which in turn increases the energy of the liquid. So, what working conditions what medium choose lobe pump suitable? Today, Zhejiang Ace lobe pump's to introduce you.

1. Viscous liquids

lobe pumps can convey a very wide range of media viscosity, it can handle very low viscosity media, such as liquefied petroleum, liquid ammonia, etc. can also handle very viscous media, such as viscosity up to 1,000,000mm2/s of special viscous media.

For the lobe pump, on the one hand, with the increase in viscosity, internal leakage decreases, volume efficiency increases flow, from the surface to improve the efficiency of the pump, power consumption is reduced; on the other hand, the increase in viscosity will increase the frictional resistance of the liquid, the corresponding will reduce the efficiency of the pump, so that power consumption slightly increased but, on the whole, with the increase in viscosity, the efficiency of the lobe pump has improved.

Non-flowing liquids, such as grease, cellulose mixtures, paints, starch pastes, slurries and sugar, etc., will change in viscosity under conditions of constant temperature, if the liquid is disturbed. If you use a centrifugal pump, when the viscosity becomes large, the flow rate and head will not be able to meet the needs, and the motor will be overloaded. Therefore, when the viscosity of the medium is large or when conveying non-flowing liquid, it is appropriate to use lobe pumps.

2、Arena containing gas

The lobe pump has a self-priming function, so the gas content in the liquid is allowed to be larger, generally up to about 20% When the gas content is larger, the flow and efficiency will be reduced, and vibration and noise will be generated. But generally will not appear to increase corrosion or broken flow, broken shaft phenomenon.

3、Small flow and high pressure applications

lobe pumps can be considered for smaller flows and higher outlet pressures. The outlet pressure of a lobe pump is high. The outlet pressure of lobe pumps produced in the general series can reach 1.4~2.1pa, some special models can reach 3.5~7MPa, and the outlet pressure of specially designed lobe pumps can even reach 14~21MPa.

4、Self-priming occasions

In addition to specially designed self-priming centrifugal pumps, general centrifugal pumps do not have self-priming functions but lobe pumps are self-priming and can form a vacuum of 635~710mmHg when their rotors are wet (meaning not completely submerged or filled), thus drawing in liquid.