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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the lobe rotor pump

Introduction: As a fluid device, the lobe lobe pump is also considered very advanced internationally. The reason why it is advanced is that the lobe lobe pump chamber is fully rubber wrapped, so it is very resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, the connection between all parts of the lobe lobe pump is very precise, and the high dust raising force and self-priming force are very strong. The lobe lobe pump is widely used in petroleum, municipalities, fire fighting, paper making and food. Here we will look at the advantages as well as disadvantages of the lobe lobe pump.

lobe pump

Advantages of lobe lobe pump:

1.High efficiency, precisely because of its high efficiency, the use of lobe lobe pump can greatly reduce the cost of electricity.

2. The rotational speed of the lobe lobe pump is very low, and the low rotational speed can make the vacuum inside the cavity closed, so that the conveying efficiency can be greatly improved, and thus the service life of the lobe lobe pump can be extended.

3. Lobe lobe pump are very resistant to wear and corrosion, and they are relatively low cost and easy to maintain, and the size of the lobe lobe pump is ideal for use in various industries.

Disadvantages of the lobe lobe pump:

1. Not suitable for conveying sludge with high solids rate.

2. It is best to keep the pressure below the 2.5Mpa level and to keep the solids rate of the conveyed sludge below 20 percent.

2. The price of a lobe lobe pump is relatively higher than other types of pumps.

The reason why lobe lobe pump are widely used is because of their advantages, but there are definitely advantages and disadvantages. The lobe lobe pump is one of the most widely used pumps in industry and is also one of the more advanced fluid devices internationally, not only efficient but also relatively energy and time saving.