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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the advantages of lobe type double rotor pump where to buy assured

There are various types of lobe pump with unique designs mainly because of the difference in the form of application or the scope of application. One of the more advanced rotor designs in its current form is the lobe type double lobe pump. This type of pump has advantages that ordinary lobe pump do not have, and can give us a more advanced experience of use, mainly by improving efficiency and also having greater advantages to conquer consumers.

lobe pump

One, how to double lobe pump operation

The cam is the middle rotor immobile he is using two rotors, two rotors are running at the same time The two rotors are running simultaneously. However, the direction is not the same when running at the same time. The two rotors are driven in the opposite direction by the rotating shaft, which increases the discharge pressure by reversing the high speed operation. This high speed pressure is used to transport some high viscosity media out.

Two, the rubber material has a longer service life

The rotor of the lobe double lobe pump is made of rubber, and the main reason for choosing this material is that it has a very strong acid and alkali resistance, which means that the lobe double lobe pump can withstand the corrosion resistance of the medium when used in certain fields, and then its service life is greatly enhanced. In addition to the enhanced service life, the choice of this rubber material lobe double lobe pump can also be a perfect cooperation with the shell. No matter how big the gap between them is, they can be perfectly integrated. And his sturdiness is very convincing.

Three, how to choose the right channel to buy

This kind of large industrial parts, we generally recommend first on the production of experienced website after a certain understanding, and then through continuous communication, after the actual situation of their use to the maker clearly, and then continuous communication, to be able to provide a more suitable The product will be more suitable for use.

These are the convincing advantages of cams double lobe pump and how to select the right product through the right purchase channel.