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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the advantages of rubber rotor pump what brand is good

The specific pump body used in different industries is actually different, so today we introduce a pump for sewage treatment plants or some viscous waste treatment, which is a rubber lobe pump, and here are some of its advantages.

globe pump

One: better abrasion resistance

The abrasion resistance of the rubber lobe pump is really excellent, and it can be said to be second to none among the same type of products, mainly because it

The rubber lobe pump has a very good abrasion resistance, mainly because of its soft and hard design to ensure the safety of the pump body to a large extent, in addition to the rubber material itself is very good wear resistance Oh.

Two: long service life

The design of the product is designed with a wide rotor and an intermediate isolation cavity to ensure that the main body of the equipment is not damaged, and the rubber material used in the rotor effectively extends its own life, as one of the more easily damaged parts, the extended life of the rotor to a certain extent also facilitates the long-term use of rubber lobe pump. The rotor's extended life is to some extent conducive to the long-term use of rubber lobe pump.

Three: the flushing system comes with the equipment in use in the specific environment in which the sediment content is relatively high, so the subsequent clean-up is more difficult, but the rubber lobe pump has its own flushing system, can easily solve the decoration problem, to a certain extent, to reduce labor costs and time costs.

There are more manufacturers of Rubber lobe pump in the industry, here we recommend the Ace brand, the performance of the brand is very good, cost-effective, and the after-sales service is also very good, so if you have the need to buy equipment, you can also learn about them, other types of The company's products are also available in a wide variety of formats.