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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the advantages of sludge rotor pump

The sludge lobe pump is a conveying device that is mainly used to discharge substances with high concentration and viscosity. The sludge lobe pump is mainly used in various wastewater treatment scenarios. According to different models, they can be divided into sludge return pumps and residual sludge pumps. So what are the advantages of sludge lobe pump? What are the features?

lobe pump

I. Small size and easy installation

The sludge lobe pump is relatively small and easy to install without any particularly complicated operation. The sludge lobe pump has a product manual, and generally just follow the instructions to install it, and you can use it immediately after it is installed. Of course, it needs to be checked and adjusted before use.

Second, operation and maintenance are simple

The sludge lobe pump mainly operates in two forward and reverse modes, and the direction of motor operation can be adjusted by changing the motor connection direction, so the operation is very simple. In addition, the maintenance of the sludge lobe pump is also relatively simple, without the need to remove the pipeline, and if there is a failure, just find out and replace the corresponding parts to continue to use.

Three, high efficiency

The efficiency of the sludge lobe pump is relatively high because its impeller conforms to the hydraulic design and does not wind up or clog, and the shaft and oil chamber of the sludge lobe pump are sealed and have anti-leakage protection, so this makes the sludge lobe pump stable and efficient in the process of use.

The sludge lobe pump is a great piece of transfer equipment, and the price of this equipment is relatively affordable, so many people choose the sludge lobe pump. If you want to buy a sludge lobe pump, you must choose a regular and reliable manufacturer so as to ensure the quality of the product.