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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the advantages of stainless steel rotor pump is good to use

Stainless steel lobe pump are used in a wide range of applications due to their outstanding performance. For example, you will meet this equipment in the chemical industry, paper industry, food industry and so on. What are the advantages of this equipment for such a wide range of applications? Does it work well?

lobe pump

I. Very long service life

The stainless steel lobe pump has a very long service life due to its clever design process. The design will keep a certain gap between the rotor and the rotor and the pump to avoid direct contact between each part. When the equipment is running, the coefficient of friction between the parts is very small, thus increasing the service life of the equipment.

Second, the daily maintenance is simple

The steps to disassemble each part of the stainless steel lobe pump are very simple, which is convenient for maintenance workers to carry out daily maintenance work. It is also convenient for the operating workers to learn how to operate this equipment. Because of the simple steps to disassemble each part of the enterprise, it is also very easy for workers to improve the maintenance efficiency of maintenance workers and reduce maintenance costs in the process of daily maintenance. Don't underestimate the cost of repairing this equipment; each piece of equipment has a cumulative cost outlay.

Three, stable performance and high efficiency

The stainless steel lobe pump is designed to highlight its stable performance and high efficiency. In order to make this equipment have stable performance and excellent efficiency, the equipment adopts a sealed design structure, so that the equipment is rarely disturbed by the outside world during operation, and the noise during operation is very low due to its sealing.

Because of the many excellent properties of stainless steel lobe pump, they are very easy to use, and because they have very few wearing parts, they rarely encounter scenarios of replacement parts in the specific use process. This is why it is so popular with many manufacturers.