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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the advantages of the lobe rotor pump

Guide: With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, machinery manufacturing has gradually taken a certain position in the industrial field, and there are many mechanical devices that require a variety of components to be composed. One of them is called cam lobe pump, which is mainly used in fluid equipment, both domestically and internationally is one of the advanced industry equipment, commonly used in the industrial field, not common in real life, let's get acquainted with the following.

lobe pump

What is a lobe lobe pump

Lobe lobe pump belong to the machinery manufacturing industry and are mainly used in petrochemical, animal husbandry and printing and dyeing. It is a pump that can transport a variety of viscous substances, as well as media with particulate matter. Its rotor is covered with full rubber, which is more wear-resistant. When operating, it relies on two synchronized counter-rotating rotors to generate suction, which then draws in the conveyed material.

Advantages of the lobe lobe pump

1. The lobe lobe pump is quite reliable and sturdy, with strong suction force, capable of transporting various fluid media.

2. With high efficiency and energy saving, long service life, it can effectively reduce the number of mechanical replacements and lower operating costs.

3. With anti-gas resistance technology, it is able to reach more than 100 meters of horizontal self-priming without the need to divert and irrigate the pump.

4. The seal is a special mechanical seal developed by domestic experts, which is relatively better than other seals and can effectively prevent the pump body from drying out and failing to ensure the normal operation of the machinery.

The lobe lobe pump is one such mechanical device that has great use in the machinery manufacturing industry and is one of the commonly used mechanical devices. It can help other machinery to complete the operation of transport media activities, not only to save staff labor time, but also to improve labor efficiency, is a more modern equipment.