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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the application fields of high viscosity rotor pump

Guide: High viscosity lobe pump, also called lobe lobe pump, works as a lobe displacement pump that conveys fluid through a fixed volume of the working chamber. Since the high viscosity lobe pump runs at a relatively low speed and has a high efficiency. In addition, the operation is also relatively smooth, self-priming ability is also strong, and the operation is even easier. In addition, it can be preheated, and because the sealing is better, the performance is better and the service life is longer, so let's take a look at the application areas.

lobe pump

Application one, food processing

Because the high viscosity lobe pump is both efficient and energy saving, and the volume is also smaller, the flow rate is even larger than other kinds of pumps, for long distance and high resistance, the It can be quantitatively conveyed. The impeller and the rotating gear are not connected together, and there are gaps between the fittings, so they are not in contact with each other and do not wear out, and work with lower noise. So the high viscosity lobe pump is very widely used in the food processing field. The common ones are yogurt, cream, cheese, yeast, bread and pastry, etc. These foods are processed using high viscosity lobe pump.

Application 2, daily chemical industry

High viscosity lobe pump have a relatively low speed, are also resistant to high temperatures, and work on a unique principle. It does not cause damage to materials when conveying them, so it works with a high degree of safety. Most importantly, there are almost no wearing parts, so it is also widely used in the field of daily chemical applications, such as face cream wash, floor scrubber, cosmetics, soap and so on.

In addition to food processing and daily chemicals, high viscosity lobe pump are also widely used and play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and construction industry.