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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the characteristics of non-clogging rotor pump

Guide: In fact, just looking at the name, non-clogging lobe pump, it can be seen that this pump can be better used in a variety of media, so that the relationship between this medium will not cause the pump to clog. And in fact, the reason why this pump has non-clogging this feature, in fact, because this pump can achieve the reverse rotation of the reason. This lobe pump can adapt to a variety of media, such as large particles of media, the use of this pump will not clog the situation, the following specific look at the advantages of this pump have what?

1、Adapted to a variety of complex fluid

Whether or not the medium contains large particles, or thick slurry type of media, as long as it is able to have liquidity, basically this kind of

Whether or not it contains large particles or thick slurry type media, as long as it can be fluid, basically this lobe pump can adapt well.

2. No mechanical seal burnout

Many machines are likely to burn out due to excessive pressure or heavy media operation when they are sealed.

Many mechanical seal operations are likely to cause some burnout due to excessive pressure or heavy media operation, but non-clogging lobe pump are able to achieve simultaneous reverse rotation, so there is generally no burnout due to mechanical seals.

3. High efficiency

Another feature of the non-clogging lobe pump is its high efficiency, which has the advantage of not wasting too much power and waiting time.

The use of non-clogging lobe pump has relieved many situations where large particles are present in the flow and do not find the lobe pump well. And this lobe pump, while achieving reverse rotation, ensures that the inside of the machinery will not be clogged because the media particles are too large or because the thick slurry is too high.