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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the characteristics of sludge rotor pump

Today's market is full of lobe pump types, models and brands, and the competition between product companies is very fierce, in order to continue to improve market competitiveness, more manufacturers continue to technical innovation, and strive to create more first-class technology products to win a high degree of market recognition, and the more representative of this is sludge lobe pump, then, this pump What are the specific characteristics of this pump?

lobe pump

A powerful self-priming function

One of the major reasons why sludge lobe pump sell well in the market is because

The product has outstanding self-priming capability, which effectively alleviates the damage caused by congestion during the use of the pump body due to various reasons, thus ensuring that the pump body can operate normally and perform well.

Two, the high flow characteristics are outstanding

The sludge lobe pump is widely used in more industries in life, also because it has strong flow characteristics, which means that the sludge or some solid impurities in the wastewater are discharged smoothly, which is also the result of the special role of high flow, ensuring the elimination of waste This is also the result of the high flow rate, which ensures the smooth passage of waste removal and enhances the pump's discharge performance.

Three, low speed and high efficiency

The sludge lobe pump also has outstanding low speed and high efficiency, which in some people's opinion can seriously affect the efficiency of work, but the professional technology not only does not reduce the efficiency, but also greatly improves the efficiency of work, allowing the lobe pump to work in an orderly manner to better meet the needs of the industry. The industry's development needs are better met.

It is the outstanding characteristic performance of these sludge wheel pumps that meet the needs of more industry sectors, stimulating the increase in product sales and the emergence of more brands, which must pay more attention when choosing a well-known company.