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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the characteristics of the use of double-rotor lobe pump

Double-rotor lobe pumps have reached a relatively high technical standard in terms of professional manufacturing and precision after years of development and research, and double-rotor lobe pumps have a wide range of applications, so what about double-rotor lobe pumps specifically?

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One, the working principle of double-rotor lobe pump

The rotor of double-rotor lobe pump is covered with full rubber, which has strong resistance to wear and tear, and there is a high precision clearance between the rotor and the casing. The rotor and the casing have a high precision clearance, which can realize a short dry rotation. The double-rotor lobe pump operates with stable efficiency and can transfer viscous and granular materials.

Characteristics of the double-rotor lobe pump

The double-rotor lobe pump is a volumetric pump with non-clogging, forward and reverse rotation, strong self-priming, wear and corrosion resistance. The double rotor lobe pump uses two synchronized rotors, which are driven by the drive shaft and rotate in the opposite direction synchronously, allowing for a relatively high vacuum and discharge pressure.

Three, the applicability of double-rotor lobe pump

Double-rotor lobe pump in the production process of chemical fiber products, can be carried out in the transfer of raw materials, as an important equipment of the transfer system, double-rotor lobe pump between the rotor and the rotor, there is a certain gap, no friction coefficient, a relatively long service life, in the chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, pesticide, fertilizer, fine chemical, daily chemical industry has widely used.

Through understanding the working principle, characteristics, and applicability of the double rotor lobe pump, it can be found that the double rotor lobe pump is a very convenient and practical equipment product. When using a double rotor lobe pump, be sure to read the product manual first, familiarize yourself with the equipment structure, and use it according to the operating procedures. Only when you use the double rotor lobe pump correctly can you play the role that the equipment should have.