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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the differences between rotor pumps and gear pumps?

lobe pump and gear pumps belong to the same pump body that conveys high viscosity media transfer, and many customers often confuse them, in fact, from their names can be seen in their structure, principles and characteristics are different.

lobe pump

One, the difference in principle:

The principle of lobe pump is to rely on 2 The rotor runs to drive the conveying, the rotor and rotor to maintain a certain gap between, no friction coefficient, long service life. Energy efficient, smooth delivery, low failure rate, reliable sealing and low noise. It can maintain the reliability of continuous operation and no leakage time. With strong self-priming force. The composition of the conveying medium will not change.

The gear pump relies on two gears to bite together to convey materials, in the gear bite to convey materials grinding between teeth and teeth, resulting in a strong coefficient of friction, when the two teeth gradually separated, the volume of the working space gradually increased, forming a partial vacuum, the liquid under the action of atmospheric pressure, through the suction tube to absorb the liquid.

Difference in application:

lobe pump are generally used to convey higher viscosity right liquids, which are characterized by wear resistance, corrosion resistance, especially suitable for conveying solid particles, fiber media or corrosive, shear-sensitive or gas-containing media, and are widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, daily-use chemical, pharmaceutical, food

Gear pumps are generally suitable for conveying liquids that do not contain solid particles and fibers, low viscosity, similar to lubricating oil, can not convey viscosity in the 300cp or more media in the light chemical industry is more widely used as a metering pump, its handling is small, but the head is high, the dosing volume is easy to control. In the soap horn, silicone oil, rosin, paint, heavy oil and other industries are more widely used.

In summary, lobe pump and gear pumps both have their unique features corresponding to the transfer of different media. In comparison, although both can smoothly convey high viscosity substances, gear pumps have the great disadvantage of not being wear-resistant, unreliable operation, high maintenance workload, difficult to clean, and their inability to meet the transport of corrosive media or media with sanitary requirements. The lobe pump, on the other hand, has basically no wearing parts during operation, operates basically maintenance-free, and has a simple cleaning process without dead ends