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May 18, 2022 View:

What are the methods to eliminate the vibration of the lobe lobe pump

lobe pump has a long service life, high mechanical efficiency, easy disassembly and maintenance, so the lobe pump almost does not exist in the work of parts wear (except mechanical seal), the rotor and rotor will not produce friction between, no wear parts. However, the lobe lobe pump often produces vibrations during operation, so how to eliminate these vibrations? lobe pump1. Eliminate vibration from the design and manufacturing process
1. Rotor angular frequency. Improve the manufacturing quality of the shaft to prevent mass eccentricity and excessive form tolerances.
2. The choice of sliding bearing, using the sliding bearing without lubrication.
3. The use of stress relief system, for pumps conveying hot water, should be designed so that the structural stress between connections caused by the deformation of the pump body can be released.
2. Eliminate vibration from the installation and maintenance process
1. Check the pump shaft, motor shaft and drive shaft for any bending deformation and mass eccentricity before installation.
2. Whether the bolt spacing is good, the combination of elastic plunger pin and elastic collar cannot be too tight, whether the coupling bore is too loose with the shaft, if it is too loose, the method such as spraying is used to reduce the coupling bore until it reaches the size required by the transition fit, and then the coupling is fixed on the shaft.
3. Whether the clearance value meets the standard, whether the lubrication is good in all places, improve the level of pump shaft pumping tile overhaul process, strictly follow the procedure of scraping tile first, then grinding, in the scraping tile cycle bad, to ensure that the contact area between shaft tile and shaft strength reaches the specified standard.
4. Timely find the fatigue of the support parts with vibration to prevent the inherent frequency from decreasing because of strength and stiffness.
5. Ensure that the motor bearing clearance is appropriate and regularly inspected for easy wear parts.
3. Eliminate the vibration caused by improper selection and operation of the pump.
Two pumps connected in parallel should ensure the same pump performance. In choosing the lobe lobe pump is, the performance curve should be slowly descending type is good, and there should not be hump. To prevent excessive pump amplitude, you can also measure and analyze the vibration condition to ensure the working parameters of the pump.