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May 14, 2022 View:

What are the obvious features of rubber rotor pumps

Guide: The mechanical properties of the prime mover of the rubber lobe pump are mainly converted into pressure energy of the transported fluid directly by the pump, so in theory, it actually has little to do with whether or not the pressure is discharged. The entire lobe pump works by constituting a higher vacuum and discharge pressure. To a certain extent, this approach is more suitable for the processing and production of food and medicine, and the following is a brief description of what are the distinctive features of rubber lobe pump.

globe pump

1, Safety and hygiene

Because all parts of the lobe pump that are in contact with the material being conveyed are made of materials that meet hygiene standards.

These are the materials that meet the sanitary standards, such as the rubber lobe pump seal material is rubber, but must be in line with the requirements of non-toxic rubber.

2. No contamination of conveyed materials

The internal structure of the lobe pump is essentially dead-end and non-metallic, so it can avoid residual contamination of the conveyed materials during transmission. This directly eliminates the need to worry about residuals from the previous operation when the next transfer of material takes place.

3. Steam sterilization

This rubber lobe pump is convenient for sterilization, and basically requires in-place cleaning and steam sterilization requirements.

4. Avoid physical and chemical reactions

During the conveying process, the media that are easy to foam and have high viscosity will not react physically and chemically with it because of the inner wall material.

Rubber lobe pump are most often produced from the convenience of the materials required for production applications, and are also prepared to withstand high pressure, wear and tear, and prevent leakage, while the volume of these lobe pump is small, but the flow rate is still very high.